Sunday, April 26, 2015

Guest Post: Julie Andrews

When Impaired Drivers Collide! 
What an experience! Getting a DUI has totally changed my outlook on being so careless. I know in the past I had driven under the influence and I thought at the time I was okay. But after seeing the video of rookies participating in the BAC study [in Carol Johnson's DUI class] I know now that on several occasions I was putting myself and others at risk because of my decisions.

I do enjoy having a drink every now and then. I am not an alcoholic, and can honestly say I don't use any substance as a "happiness device". So many things are effected when using drugs or alcohol. Truthfully being that intoxicated is not only unhealthy, but it can make you not feel well and can make you forget things.

Some of the things that can trigger one to use drugs and/or alcohol could be the company you keep, and emotional stressful situations. There are many other things that can cause someone to run to these substances. Triggers are keys--keys that can open doors to problematic situations. So to being aware of what causes you to have to have a drink or to use drugs can help you make changes to avoid those situations. This awareness will usually help you overcome the needs.

Now those who are addicted, have a range of triggers or keys again. Identify what makes you want or need your substance will enable you to address the underlying issues. I have watched friends and loved ones be taken over by these substances.

Personally, I keep the mentality of mind over matter. Too much of anything isn't good for me.  I choose a different lifestyle because of these experiences. Having to deal with my DUI, for sure,  has made me really think before I act. I never want to go through this again and I won't! That is for certain!

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  1. Great Post. If everyone think like you I don’t think there will any DUI crashes as all people don’t put mind over matter. I worked with a Los Angeles DUI lawyer for some time and saw his clientele growing every day and even making the laws strict doesn’t leave an impact on many people.


Thanks for your careful reflection here. Best to you as you continue to not drive impaired by alcohol or other drugs; also DO not text and eat while driving. Pull over to the side of the road if you need to do that.