Sunday, May 31, 2015

Guest Post: 911 Call Gives Me a Wakeup Call

I am very glad to be here because I felt that God had an angel watching over me. I had a few drinks not knowing that it would come to this [my DUI],  but I'm glad I'm here because I could have lost my life or killed or hurt someone else. 

I had been driving while intoxicated, not knowing where I was going or remembering so little. A lady followed me while I was intoxicated. she called 911 and followed me until the police took over. She saved my life and I'm grateful in this situation. It really shook me up, but I appreciate this lady.



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Thanks for your careful reflection here. Best to you as you continue to not drive impaired by alcohol or other drugs; also DO not text and eat while driving. Pull over to the side of the road if you need to do that.