Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Guest Post: DUI GAME Poem

DUI Game
by Taylor Mawn
Used by Permission

Man I'm in this class for a damn DUI,
I wasn't drunk at all but I guess I was high,
I'm wasting all my money paying off all these fines,
They said I had problems but I didn't see the signs,
I still drink but I don't drive 'cause my license is suspended,
I should have gotten a lawyer so my case was defended,
To be honest this charge caused me to lose it all,
Driving under the influence has been my biggest downfall,
Fines, community service and probation is now apart of my life,
Rather than getting married to a girl probation is like my new wife,
Even though I was only in jail for a couple of hours,
My feelings toward Bartow are ones that are quite sour,
They feed you sandwiches that looks and smells like cat food,
You have to use the bathroom in front of people and the guards are very rude,
So before you drink and drive you should probably think twice.
Because until it happens you'll never know the sacrifice

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Thanks for your careful reflection here. Best to you as you continue to not drive impaired by alcohol or other drugs; also DO not text and eat while driving. Pull over to the side of the road if you need to do that.